Technology partner
Thinking about starting a business? We offer technology for growing vegetables, berries and greens with guaranteed yield in any place of the world.

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For investors
Are you ready to invest? It is the best time to invest in smart farms.

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Retail & HoReCa
Are you interested in buying the freshest vegetables, berries and greens all year round? Are you ready to put greens growing module in your restaurant?

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Technology partner

A target audience

Business, that purchases vegetables and greens and is not satisfied with its quality and is looking for food safety. Restaurants, stores, airlines, hotels.
Farmers who want to manage produce growing and sales.

What we offer?

We offer turnkey solution and support its launch.
Our technology allows you to start a business for growing vegetables, berries and greens with guaranteed yield in any place of the world. We bring vertical farming to the next level of productivity with minimal environmental impact and zero risk.
For investors
A target audience

Investors who are ready to invest in iFarm innovative vertical farms

It is the best time to invest in smart farms

1. Earth's population is rapidly growing
2. Climate is changing, land and water resources are dwindling
3. 80% of the population will live in large cities by 2050

How it work?

The investments will be used for purchasing and launching of iFarm equipment, arrangement of workplaces, certification, hiring of the staff, purchasing all the materials needed.
Farm set up can be divided into stages. You can invest either in one stage of vertical farm set up or in the whole produce cycle.

Operation scheme and producing flow chart:

iFarm manages crop selection on each farm and buys the yield on pre-arranged price, that provides investments payback and profit for investors according to locality and produce area.
The payback period is 2,5 – 3,5 years.
The trading house is covering expenses for logistics of the final products, its returns, crop selection and yield.

Retail & HoReCa
iFarm Cropper greens growing module was designed for retail chains, restaurants or private usage and it provides ideal conditions for salads and herbs growing and storing. Plants in it can not only be stored after delivery, but also grow. Fresh produce on your table due to our technology.

The module is like showcase, inside which fresh greens in pots are placed in special trays on several tiers. A range of crops, more than 10 salads and herbs are delivered every 2-3 days from distributed network of iFarm vertical farms. Adult plants are immediately ready for eating or sale, young plants will grow inside module.