Vertical farms
The most effective urban plant growing solution
Agriculture becomes more and more automated and enters cities following the development of modern technologies. For example, thanks to the evolution of LED lamps, it becomes possible to grow plants by placing them in tiers. So appeared vertical farms with different orientation.

A vertical farm is a multi-tiered greenhouse that can be placed anywhere indoors. And the main difference between such a farm and a standard greenhouse is that it does not use sunlight, there is no flow of external air, and it uses 95% less water.

Berries vertical farm
iFarm Project produces industrial vertical farms for cultivation of salads, herbs and strawberries.
Now we start using industrial vertical farm placed in Novosibirsk. We will use there all types of growing:
- Bioponics (organic fertilizer solutions);
- Hydroponics (water and mineral fertilizers dissolved in it);
- Boxes with soil and drip irrigation system using organic fertilizers solution.

Rack with greens used for restaurants
Another field of our activity is placing a micro-farm module in restaurants or shops on premises. The module keeps greens alive and growing for an end user to enjoy its freshness. One can easily see how fresh greens are cut and served up. This new form of salads distribution gets adopted in in restaurants, cafes and supermarkets worldwide.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please, send us an e-mail to mail@ifarmproject.ru
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