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Sergey Ambrosov

Managing partner
iFarm Project



Dear friends!

From its set-up iFarm has focused on expanding its global presence. We offer several forms of partnership and investment programs. To date we have received more than 500 requests for iFarm solutions worldwide and we work hard to convert these requests in mutualy beneficial partnerships.

  • We aim to help our partners at every stage of a supply chain.
  • We have technological solution for local automated cultivation of tasty vegetables, berries, greens and herbs. Every solution is a combination of a greenhouse design, construction technology, set of sensors and cloud conected software which allows to automate the cultivation process for the best possible result.
  • We help to plan and maximize production.
  • We help establish connection with local market (wholesalers, shops, restaurants, hotels).
  • We have developed financial models for each solution and make partnership predictable and financially transparen

At the present time we are searching investors and partners for the objects that will be placed within bigger cities.

You have an opportunity to become a part of iFarm. We invite you to participate in pilot projects in Europe and Asia region. We guarantee a high degree of involvement of our specialists, sharing with you many years of our agronomists and software developers, marketing and operational support.
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