Modern automated greenhouses for year round growing

Size: from 100 to 1000 square meters

Automated greenhouses
Is one of modern technologies for cultivation of vegetables, fruits, berries and greens all year round. The taste of such products do not depend on the season and is similar to "fresh ones, which are grown by grandmother in her garden in summer"

iFarm company has technologies for local automated cultivation of tasty vegetables, berries, greens and herbs. There are several types of devices that can be purchased or installed in the framework of partnership project.
Every solution is a combination of a greenhouse design, construction technology, set of sensors and cloud conectet software which allows to automate the cultivation process for the best possible result. We may offer several ways to partner with us if you are interested in any of our solutions.

iFarm Module 100
iFarm Membrane 500
iFarm Sсhuco
Module 100
iFarm Roof
Product range
Allow us to grow more than 100 different plants.
Closed growing cycle prevent from entering pests to the growing areas
Based on the form and size can be located just nearby end consumer
Maximum of the sun light and heat, additional heating and lighting by LED
Vegetables that are cultivated in our greenhouses comply with the State standard and they are tasty and healthy.
We are developing solar greenhouse to use at the roofs of private houses, apartment buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, lofts, restaurants and cafes.
Greenhouses allow you to grow a large range of vegetables, fruits and berries, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, two dozen types of salads and spicy herbs. If such a bio-vegetarian project is constructed near a shop, then natural products can be sold fresh. Such sales format becomes popular worldwide.

You can manage climate control (light, heat, watering, air circulation, daily and crop cycles) using convenient interface on the touchscreen inside the greenhouse, in a mobile application (iOs/Android), and also in a web interface.
You will have access to training materials, you can consult with the company representatives and you will receive tools for ordering various components, fertilizers and seeds.
Greenhouses at
the roof of a house

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