Technologies for automated
urban farming all year round
Vegetables, berries and greens can be tasty and healthy all year round
Farm fresh natural vegetables and fruits in all seasons!

The taste of vegetables, fruits and berries sold in the shops in winter incredibly get worse, while the cost is increasing. This cause because the products are imported from another countries, they were picked up unripe and then were covered by special means not to be spoiled during transportation. We, inFarm Project, wish to change the situation by developing local cultivation of fresh natural products.
Farm to every city or who are city farmers?

Our company develops technologies for growing tasty and healthy vegetables, berries and greens all year round. They are very easy to use and you can easily install your own greenhouse in the place of your living. At the present time there are two decisions: vertical farms and automated greenhouses (of several types, including solutions at the roof). You can purchase or install them in the framework of partnership projects.
The technological project for automated growing of natural vegetables, berries and greens in the cities all year round
Pesticides and chemicals free.
Need 95% less water than in classic greenhouses, uses additionally LED light
The products are always fresh due to the location of greenhouses next to the consumers
Our team includes biologists, botanists, engineers, soil scientists, aerationspecialists, software developers and others!
The company's founders are experienced entrepreneurs who have combined different competencies to create an innovative project based on the principles of delicious food and fair pricing at any season.
Alexander Lyskovsky
Maxim Chizhov
Executive director
Konstantin Ulianov
Director of manufacturing
Alexander Kuznetsov
Research director / Agronomist
Sergey Ambrosov
Managing partner
Dmitry Tarasov
Production director

Uniscan Research
Devices been produced by Uniscan Research engineers work under the scorching sun of Morocco, the tropical showers of Mexico, and in the drifts of the Far North.
iFarm Project automation system is operated in no less difficult conditions: inside the greenhouse, near water and soil. It is easily replicated, it works autonomously and requires a minimum maintenance.

We have already grown and are selling in a catering chain and shops our cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes and strawberries as well as greens and spicy herbs, very delicious, like those that grandmother in the village is growing. All iFarm products have been certified by the European Economic Union and comply with the food safety requirements.

iFarm Project produces robotic plants factories for cultivation of high quality natural products all year round.
The technology has industrial level of a quick-assembly constructor and is aimed for installation of new objects. It has a set of unified suppliers - seeds, fertilizers and electronics. Each object is connected to a unified cloud growing control system and a unified distributed order system.

We are creating a unified engineering and logistics platform for modern automated farms, where fresh products are cultivated.
(in Russia)
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